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Larissa Tressler
Natasha Tressler
Neil Tressler
Crew Chief:
Margaret Tressler
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career history
NAME: Neil Tressler
DATE OF BIRTH: 20th July
MARITAL STATUS: Married to Margaret
CHILDREN: 2 Daughters, Larissa and Natasha
HOMETOWN: Bulkington

CURRENT SERIES: Pickup Truck Racing
TEAM NAME: Relssert Racing
ENGINE: Pro 1 Petrol Injected 2.3l Vauxhall

TWITTER: @RelssertRacing
FACEBOOK: Relssert Racing
YOUTUBE: RelssertRacing

Pickup Truck Racing Championship
After only being able to compete in 19 of the 25 races Neil came a respectable 9th
Overall, with a total of 24 drivers competing. Neil also gained a impressive podium
at Donington Park, where he came 2
nd despite having a broken throttle
body linkage.

EURO Racecar NASCAR Touring Series (NASCAR
Whelen Euro Series)

After a test drive at Brands Hatch in January Neil
made his debut into the EURO Racecar NASCAR
Touring Series at Brands Hatch (DTM meeting),
later he went on to compete at Tours Speedway
in France, the first ever temporary oval track
(backed by NASCAR) where he gained a fantastic
3rd place podium.
After taking part in only 2 of the 6 race meetings,
Neil came an impressive 22nd out of 46 drivers.

Pickup Truck Racing Championship
Due to commitments in the EURO Racecar
NASCAR Touring Series Neil was only able to
compete in 6 of the 12 pickup truck race meetings
despite this Neil managed a respectable 13th in
the Rockingham Oval Championship, and 16th
out of 23 drivers in the Overall Championship.

Pickup Truck Racing Championship
Neil gained his highest award to date after a successful year. Neil came 2nd
in the Rockingham Oval Championship with just seven points separating 2nd
and 3rd place in the Championship. To top it off Neil came 4th in the
Overall Pickup Truck Racing Championship and was proud to take his first ever
race podium at Rockingham Motor Speedway where he came third place despite
spinning out. The Relssert Racing team then again nominated for team of the year.

Pickup Truck Racing Championship

Another great year, Neil came 8th in Rockingham Oval Championship and
9th in the Overall Championship. The Relssert Racing were awarded with
‘Team of the Year’ 2010’ and the ‘Challenge Shield Award’ 2010, which is
awarded to the highest point scorer who hasn’t made an appearance on the
podium throughout the year. The 2010 season saw a change of Fronts to the
Pickup Trucks with a choice of either Ford Range or Isuzu Denver Max LE, we
decided to go for a Isuzu Denver Max LE Front.

Pickup Truck Racing Championship
Neil came 10th Rockingham Oval Championship
and 13
th Overall Championship

Pickup Truck Racing Championship
The Pickup receive a whole new colour scheme,
going orange, blue and yellow. Neil came 12
Rockingham Oval Championship and 15
th out
of 26 Drivers in the Overall Championship even
despite missing 6 races in the championship.

Pickup Truck Racing Championship
In 2007 we made our debut into the Pickup
Truck Racing Championship, with our magenta,
blue and green truck, under the new number of
#37 and team name Relssert Racing. After a
hard years work Neil won the ‘Rookie
Championship’ and Larissa (the youngest Pickup
Truck spotter ever and also Neils daughter)
was nominated for spotter of the year just
missing out. In Neil’s first year in the
championship he had an top finish at Pembrey
where he came 12th, and 14th out of 31 drivers
in the Overall Championship.

Testing a Baby Grand ‘MASCAR’
Neil tested a baby grand at Swaffham, it was
a great day with Neil putting in lap times of just
17 seconds, after long consideration however
we decided to continued in the National
Legend Car Racing Championship.

National Legend Car Racing Championship
In 2003 Neil did his first ever race meeting joining the National Legend Car
Racing Championship, his first meeting took place at Rockingham Motor Speedway
on 21/22nd June at a British Touring Car Meeting, in front of over 25,000 people.
Before this Neil had never raced anything, his only experience was mechanicing
in Brisca F1 Stockcar when he was younger.

Our race number in the National Legend Car Championship was #76, we ran under
the team name Montana Motorsport, which came from our much loved pet
weimaraner Montana who sadly pass away shortly after we started racing
Legends, she loved sitting in the driver seat as we worked on the car so we though
it would be a fitting tribute to her to name the team after her.
We raced Legends for four years in total, two half years in 2003 and 2006, and
two full years in 2005 and 2006. Overall Neil made 125 race starts and had a
total of 4555 career points.

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